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Long-Term Perspective In A Short-Term World

Applying the 80/20 rule of life to investing: 80% = noise, 20% = useful.

Our goal here is to remove the short-term noise, focus on the long-term & just like in life, investing can be simple!

About Me... At age 17, I became an investor with my first stock purchase... 100 shares of Mattel (a trade I split 50/50 with a friend).  The next three decades I have honed my investment craft via an investment club I cofounded, as a managing member of an investment group, and finally a portfolio manager for the past 16+ years.  Today, my passion for building long-lasting investment portfolios is only matched by my desire to help clients plan for and exceed their financial goals.



SmartMunnie is a nickname/moniker given years ago by an old friend long before I became a professional investment advisor.  As I started to show some aptitude for numbers, finance and most importantly, investing... my friend said: "You know who you are, you are SmartMunnie."  Not many people call me SmartMunnie, but it definitely captures what we are trying to do as investors and advisors... be smart with our money.

In over 30 years as an investor and nearly two decades as an advisor/portfolio manager, being smart is at the root of any and all success.  To that, this blog site is dedicated to removing the noise of finance/investing so people can have a better chance at making smart decisions with their money.  Too often we are swayed into making bad decisions based on short-term media hyperbole, when if we just took a step back and applied some long-term perspective, there is no decision to be made at all.

Whatever the topic (interest rates, economy, a specific company, etc.), if we feel we can give you a different viewpoint, simplify the topic, or just apply some sanity, we will definitely take a crack at it... in our own unique way.  Happy reading!

William Allan Wealth Management is an investment advisory firm formed in 2004.  Our one and only goal is to assist clients achieve their investment goal(s) through the growth of their capital.  Today, we work with nearly 200 clients, including individuals, businesses, trusts and non-profit institutions.


Financial professionals have many choices in how to operate their practice.  From day one, we have run our practice with one overarching theme:  Do what’s in the best interest of the client.  To that, we are a fee-only, independent advisor who, manage/select our own investments.  This approach perfectly aligns our interest with our client’s interest…the only way it should be. 


To further deepen our client relationship(s), the majority of our personal net worth (outside of primary residence ownership) is invested in the same investments as our clients.  This only makes sense, right?  To put it another way, we eat our own cooking!  

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